Burn a CD the easy way

Orlogix , a company which has a wide portfolio of software that back up your files has come up with a novel idea.
They are aware that some people are frightened by the idea of burning disks in Windows.
They decided to make it as painless as possible.

I got a free disk from SVP the other day.
The disk was a free sample of the new Orlogix disk called AutoMagic.


Simply insert the disk in your CD or DVD writer drive.


Once it finishes initialising, you will get left with the main menu.



Choose your language, see I'm cosmopolitan :-)

Click any of the options and then "next"


This is the record music option.
The buttons in the wizard allow you to search your drive for audio files or to add to the compilation.
You can also simply play the selected files to ensure that they are the ones you want.
A display at the side shows the current size of your disk.
Once you're happy with the selection, click "record".
Couldn't be easier.


The add photos option is similar and also includes a very primitive editor to rotate pictures.
You can also import pictures directly from your camera.
I feel the only thing that could worry people is the "close disk" option.
The other options follow the same structure.
A very good thing is the "record my documents" option.
Windows saves all your data in "my documents" by default.


This should cover the people who are likely to use these disks nicely.
It's hardly likely that anyone who regularly uses a computer would have much use for these, but someone who is nervous about computers may find them a boon.

The disks are more expensive than normal blanks as well.
If you wish to try them , I'm sure SVP will be only too happy to sell some to you.

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