Lacuna Coil

What a difference a few days make.

Last week it was a concert at the Cathouse in Glasgow where , although I loved the bands, the sound and lighting let the event down.

This week, I ventured into the area across from Glasgow Cross to where the famous Barrowlands venue resides.

The venue has seen better days as when it was reknowned for its Ballroom.

It still kicks ass as a concert venue, though.

Judging by the length of queue outside, Lacuna Coil are a popular outfit.

Once we got through the metal scanners, it was upstairs to the hall.

For those that haven't had the pleasure of going to the Barrowlands, the hall is large and holds 1900 with a bar at one side, just for those that like a small refreshment.

The concert itself.


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It seemed to take a very long time between getting in until the support band appeared.
In fact, at the front of the concert, I could see the support band backstage waiting to be told to come on.
The support band was Poison Black.
They are a five piece band from Finland.


I suppose they should be classed as goth metal, but they sounded similar to a grungy hard rock to me.


Their sound was superb, power but still not rattling your head with the bass.
Barrowlands does have an excellent sound and usually is well lit onstage.


The band was so good, I tracked them down online afterwards.
News and band lineup, discography etc are on the site as well as videos.
The guys put on a great show and were really tight as well.


If you like hard rock, you might find this band appeals.
Once the guys had finished their set (give them longer next time, please), it was time for the roadies to do their stuff.
Lacuna coil are huge in the Goth side of music.
An Italian band with a female and male lead singing combination.
You can find out about the band here


If you tried their site, you'll know that their latest offering is Karmacode.
The cover features the faceless, as shown when they took the stage.
Although the crowd enjoyed PoisonBlack, they nearly took the roof off when Lacuna Coil started up.


The band has a unique sound due to the combination of male and female singers.
Andrea does the gravelly vocals and Cristina as well as improving the look of the band,
adds an ethereal dimension to the vocals.
After saying that, she can still hold her own in the rock stakes with her voice, combining power and lightness.


The band powered their way through some of KarmaCode and revisited tracks from Comalies.
Personally, I loved Swamped, which was really the only track I could name, except for Stars, which they didn't play.


The light show was superb. I've noticed that all the bands are using dry ice machines now.
Is this to make up for the lack of smoke in venues nowadays?
Locuna coil were certainly working for their money.
They provided a very high energy show, seldom stopping for more than a few seconds.


Cristina and Andrea enjoyed whipping the audience into a frenzy, exhorting them to join in.
I loved the part where Cristina asked everyone with a mobile to switch it on and hold it above their heads.
The sight of all those lit displays evoked older times where everyone held their lighters.
A nice touch.


A band needs more than vocalists and the Lacuna Coil has a superb set of musicians.
These guys are equally at home hammering out power chords or intricate improvisos.


Christiano and Marco shown above.


The crowd were going berzerk, pogoing madly throughout the venue.
The sight of the audience going more than slightly mental served only for the band to grind out more power hungry anthems.
The set didn't seem all that long, and before we knew it, they were being enticed back onstage for encores.


This band is at their peak just now.
Have a listen to their new CD and, if you get the chance, go see them!
An excellent live act for anyone who likes powerful music performed well.

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