We all get one of those days when nothing will go right
Like struggling to undo a cap that's screwed on very tight.
The washing machine is doing a dance round the kitchen floor
When you're sitting in the bath there's knocking on your door.

Or someone ringing to sell you something while you are in the loo
I'm not very polite on the phone when I tell them what to do.
I take everything out of the wardrobe. Goodness what a mess!
How the heck have I managed to lose a perfectly good dress?

I was doing some ironing when someone called and I went to see
I came back to an ironing board with a badly scorched shaped vee.
I was trying to hurry while papering and in my blooming haste
I made a big hole in the paper and put my foot in the paste.

I went to turn round and fell over the dog and burnt my cake black
All the lights went out and I stumbled and stood on a ruddy tack.
But what's the point in grumbling, I am very lucky you see
Because many in the graveyard are far worse off than me.!!!!

Copyright - Maisie Walker 2000 - All rights reserved

RIYAN Productions