Download Accelerators

By June Mala

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you find the software that can increase your download speed up to 500%?  Download accelerator is exactly the thing which would make your dream of speedy downloads, come true.

Download accelerators provide you the solution to high speed downloading.  If it took about 15-20 minutes to download something previously, it will now take up mere 2-10 minutes.  Well, if you’re interested in knowing more about download accelerators, read on.

When you try to download a file from a website through your web browser, it strikes a connection to the website’s HTTP server.  Then it downloads the required file through the connection made to HTTP server.  The HTTP servers of today have the capability of requesting certain ranges of file.  This feature helps you to resume your download from the exact point, in case of any disconnections.

The download accelerators work in the other way.  They download the multiple ranges of the HTTP server at a same time by opening multiple connections to the server.  When you try to download a file using a single connection, the download accelerator increases the number of connections to that particular website, thereby enabling faster download.

Download accelerators also work on the idea that if one source is choking the download speed, you can switch to the other source.  Download accelerators build up multi sources for download purpose. However if your download accelerator is not set properly, it can take much time finding out multiple sources.

Well to sum up the above two facts, a download accelerator speeds up your file download by splitting it into several fragments and downloading each fragment at a same time.  Download accelerators are big savers of your time and money.

Download accelerators have many other characteristics as well.  Download accelerators help you to work with numerous browsers.  Most download accelerators support all the famous and prominently used internet browsers.

Download accelerators provide higher speed for broadband connections.  They increase the download by connecting to fast and responsive servers.

New download accelerators come inbuilt with anti spy ware and anti ad ware programs.  The problem faced by most of its user is solved as download accelerators provide security to your system with the help of Norton, McAfee and other popular software.

Download accelerators give you the option for previewing your WinZip files as they are being downloaded.  This gives you a fair idea of how fast your files are being downloaded.

Reading about the download accelerators would have probably made you interested in them.  Now you would be thinking where to buy them from.  The answer is yet again simple.  You can find the best and widely used download accelerators on the internet.  You can read the reviews of the prominently used download accelerators and then choose the one, according to your choice.  After you have selected the downloaded accelerator, click on the download button.

The website would ask you for the mode of payment.  You can decide your mode of payment and click the download button.  The size of a download accelerator is not much.  But it depends on what additional facilities it provides to you.  Normally a size of a download accelerator would not be more than 5MB.

So with download accelerator enjoy a quality downloading experience.

About the Author: Author: June Mala
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