Editorial - Issue 47


The Ferret Speaks!

Hi everyone and welcome to issue 47 of the CRYPTmag the CRYPTmas edition.  Once again we bring you the best tips and tricks in computing, stonking DVD reviews, Amiga tutorials and a large selection of the best jokes on the net.  Indeed something for everyone.

A tremendous amount of work goes into creating an issue of the CRYPTmag, and in 2006 one of the staff has excelled in his duty.  Our Webpaster Steve Evans has worked extremely hard to update our website and move us on to better things.  Sadly the work of many Webpasters remain in the background and not enough praise is given, But Steve your efforts have been recognised .. very well done mate!

Well back to this Issue of the CRYPTmag, I beg you to check out our CRYPTmas Carols page and listen to "Blue Christmas" sung by Porky pig .. cracks me up big time :)

This year the CRYPT has had record attendance with well over 30,00 page visits.  Surely we must be doing something right?  However we would still dearly like to hear your views on our site and magazine, you can contact us by e-mail, blog or forum, I can assure you we will answer if you get in touch.

I seriously hope you enjoy our efforts and you will continue to visit our site in the coming year.  Also remember if you would like to see a certain item covered by the CRYPTmag, just let us know and we will do our very best to include it.  It also goes without saying we are always looking for Staff Writers or even just the odd article from people, Why not join the CRYPTmag staff and enjoy the fun of producing a magazine?

We at Riyan Staff production, wish every reader a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now where is the Christmas Pies and the Whisky? :)


Ian C Fyvie  Editor