For those that haven't a clue what I'm going on about G3 is an annual tour featuring three outstanding guitarists of their generation.
Now I found this out from the wikipedia
The link above takes you to the main page of the english version. There are loads of different language versions.
Be aware that anyone can add to the wikipedia , so remember to check all sources before you believe it. Wikipedia has been hacked before now.
Anyway, I'd better explain my interest in G3.
I've been spending some time surfing YouTube
You may have heard of , or active check out the content on YouTube already.
It's a brilliant way to spend time just checking out the weird and wonderful videos that folk have uploaded to it.
I discovered G3 this way, actually, I discovered John Petrucci playing "Glasgow Kiss" on it.
I was intrigued by the title and watched the video............
to be blown away by the guitar playing.
This led to discovering some of his other songs................
which led to discovering the videos uploaded had come from the 2005 Tour of G3 in Tokyo.
The mainstay of G3 is usually Joe Satriani and Steve Vai with a guest guitarist.
Each guitarist plays a set , then they jam at the end of the concert.
Brilliant stuff.
I managed to get a  copy of the DVD for myself.
Really, really brilliant guitar work.
To discover how they sound together, here's a link to Joe Satriani's site with a video taken from the DVD.
This shows them playing the old Hendrix number "Foxy Lady"
I heartily recommend the DVD for those that love loud rock music played really well.

Now you might notice that I've mentioned a few sites so far. I've written about a DVD and why I bought it.
I believe that this is what the Internet is all about. It's a means of discovering and expanding knowledge.
Now for a little rant.
The powers that be want everything locked down with DRM and all those other ways of keeping content for themselves.
See the BBC newsite  and search for articles about copyright.
The record companies were desperate to extend copyright beyond the current limit of 50 years.
Surprise, as you can read in the articles you'll find on this subject, it transpired that the biggest winners of this wouldn't be the artists, but the record companies.
If you read all the articles about piracy, you could be fooled into believing its killing music.
In this issue you'll find the Logan interview, a band without a record label.
You might also discover the latest Thunder video on YouTube, this is another band doing very nicely without a record label.
I myself bought the G3 DVD mentioned above due to content that the record companies  could sue YouTube for displaying without approval from them.
Can anyone see the point  I'm making?
In all my years of buying music, there are some albums I have bought many times. They've either worn out, been damaged or been succeeded by different formats e.g. Who's Next by The Who, I've bought this twice on LP, once on cassette and once on CD. The cheapest version I bought was the original. Were the Who getting increased royalties when I paid more each time for an album that I had previously bought?
DRM is there to try and prevent people moving their music to wherever they want. In other words keep control of something you have purchased.
You may notice that Napster (I remember the original Napster) will sell you a subscription allowing you to download music legally onto your MP3 player or computer. If you cancel your subscription later, you lose the music. so, you're really just renting the music.
Don't believe all you read.
The Internet will allow you to form your own opinions with loads of different perspectives.
Don't believe all the hype.
Free yourself from ignorance.
Use your connection and follow links.
You never know what you may find.

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