How CD Burners Work

By Daniel Travers

Until recently, if you liked a song you would have to go out and buy the whole CD at the store.  If you didnít have enough money, then you would have to be satisfied with listening to the song on the radio.

But now customers are able to use make use of download shareware programs to get a particular song from a database and buy it.  The song would be downloaded to your hard drive.  Then, from your computer, you have the option of listening it on your computer, transferring it to an MP3 player or to a CD.

If you have a selection of songs you would like to keep together, storing it on a CD can be useful.  All you would need is a CD burner.  There are two versions of CD burners the internal and external.  The internal burner fits into your PCís tower and attaches to the CPU, whereas the external burner can be attached to your computer through a USB port.  With a CD burner you are able to transfer music from the hard drive to a CD or vice versa and you are able to transfer from one CD to another.

To get started, you would need the correct software.  There are programs available free on the internet.  These include programs such as Deep Burner, ISO Recorder and Windows Media Player.

The better quality software downloads include Sonic Records Now, Nero and Roxio.  Although the software is free, if you want additional functionality and flexibility you will have to pay a fee.

The information you transfer does not need to be limited to music.  You can copy games, videos, programs, files.  If you download a movie from the internet you can make your own DVD or you can copy a DVD you already own so you have an extra copy to lend to a friend.

About the Author:

Daniel Travers is a staff writer at Computing Times and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Entertainment Digest.

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