Kids in Cars - An Enjoyable Trip Ahead

by Joshua Tamate


If you’re planning to take the family over the river and through the woods, make sure you plant to entertain your youngest crew members. Avoid the notorious “are we there” conversation by packing games and activities to keep your children entertained.

Riding in cars often causes individuals of all ages to become queasy or sick. Motion sickness can ruin any road trip and make a ride of any length miserable. If you or your child experiences motion sickness while riding in a car, contact a physician. He or she will be able to prescribe medication to aid you with this problem. Also, over the counter medication like Dramamine is excellent for preventing motion sickness. Consider packing snacks that will aid with queasy stomachs.

There are certain things that need to be kept in mind as far as the food for kids is concerned. It is advisable to carry something from home, as one cannot trust the food outside. It might be greasy and unhealthy. While packing the foodstuff pack items such as fruits, fruit juices, granola bars and trail mix. Don't carry the foodstuff that requires a lot of preparation or is difficult to eat. Take into consideration the accessories that might be required for a particular food item, for instance, some food might require forks, so be sure to stock them. Also keep a stack full of napkins handy.

If you can ride and read without becoming ill, consider bringing your child’s favorite books with you. Reading aloud is an excellent way to pass time and provide quality entertainment. Consider reading books that will incorporate your child’s education with the trip. Also, bring books about your final destination. Learning about your end destination will create interest with every in the car.

Many individuals cannot ride in cars and read a book. For that reason, bring along a book on tape or CD. This eliminates any arguments regarding differing musical tastes. A wide variety of books are available as audio books, many of which are read by favorite actors or the author his or herself.

It's a good idea to purchase a small toy or game for your child if you're going on a very long trip. Consider things like traveling puzzles, activity or coloring books, or small toys your child can easily play with while in the car. Children enjoy playing with paper dolls, matchbox cars and small action figures. However, don't buy large and cumbersome toys.

Another way to keep your children busy in the car on a long trip is to install a portable television or DVD player. They are very affordable these days and you buy one for less than a hundred dollars. Alternatively, you can consider borrowing a portable model from a friend, neighbor, or family member, if you can't afford to buy one. If you manage to get one, you can let your children choose their favorite movies or television shows for the trip. This will give everyone a chance to view their favorites during the trip.

The key to riding in cars with children is to keep them entertained. Many individuals grew up playing fun road trip games like license plate bing-o that never go out of style. Regardless if you are in the car for one mile or one thousand miles, turn a road trip into a fun experience for the entire family.

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