X11 Crash

In Linux, you can find that simple things trip you up.
One of the myriad that you may come across is updating your graphics.
I've done this a few times and occasionally have managed to end up with a console something like this.


Fear not. It simply means you've managed to ruin your X11 configuration file.
In Linux , configuration files are simple text files, so editing them is fairly straightforward.
From the above grab, you'll see that I have went into root.
Simple way to do it, is type "su", it will then ask for the root password.
Now, I could go various ways here, the easiest would be to type "XFdrake" (in Mandriva) and reconfigure my display that way.
However, we'll do it the longer way.
Mandriva suggests you should use VIM to edit files, but unless you can remember the keycodes to edit in this program, I'd suggest avoiding it completely!


Vim reminds me of really early editors on P.C. which were too esoteric for ordinary users.
I'd suggest we go for a (relatively) more modern looking way.
Since your display is borked, the chances of loading a program with a gui are non existent.
Anyone remember the old Norton commander on P.C.?
Type "mc" for midnight commander..........
Looks like an early version of Directory Opus.


The path you should notice is /etc and I've highlighted X11.
Double click on X11 and then find xorg.conf.
Select the edit option from the buttons at the bottom.


There, edit away until you're happy.
I'd also recommend you have a liveCD handy, just in case you need to go on the internet to search for the answer to your xorg.conf problem.

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