The Feeling at Southampton Guildhall

By John Cox

Saturday 11th November 2006


Venue: Never been a fan of the Guildhall. It's concrete, very tall, much deeper than it is wider. All in all a poor venue for sound. Too little bass information and too much top end.

Support: Bland. Can't even remember his name.

The Feeling: Another single album artist that has produced a stunning first album. Quite a challenge to produce a concert based on one album and succeed. Dan Gillespie-Sells (vocals/guitar) suffering from a cold still managed to pull out a decent vocal that would put many vocalist to shame on their good night. They only song they didn't play off the album was 'Strange'. They played a new song, not on their current album, titled 'Join with us'. These guys are playing an era of pop they have written that covers a range from ELO to The Carpenters. They are blatant about their influences and are not ashamed. Nor should they be. The music they have created is ultimately lightweight but uplifting. What flicked my switch? They covered 'Video killed the radio star' originally created by the Buggles circa 1981 I believe. Proof that 'The Feeling' have no shame and are proud of their influences. Superb all round performance.

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