We Are Scientists at Reading Hexagon.

By John Cox

2nd Nov 2006

Venue: First time at the Hexagon... very impressed. Standing room is circa 1000 and maybe another 1000 for seating. What sets this place apart from any other I have been in though is the balcony seating. The seating really brings you in close to the stage by overhanging the floor space by almost two thirds its depth. So whilst disappointed I was in a seated position it was impossible not to get involved with the stage presence. Acoustics were nigh on perfect as well.

The Band: What band would have the nerve to come on to Phil Collins - Against All Odds. Seriously cheesed up to put you at ease. These guys blatantly have a sense of humour. As a reviewer I am slightly biased as I love WAS. But I am not stupid enough to tell you a band were good when they may have been crap. These guys were good. This is near the end of their tour and they had it nailed. Great performance from the band, no hanging around, just steamed along. Ended the night with Boyz to Men - End of the Road. Like I said earlier, they cheesed it up and sucked everyone in. What fun. I will undoubtedly see them again.


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