Editorial - Issue 47


The Ferret Speaks!

Issue 48 of the CRYPTmag brings you an insight to what life was like for the most isolated Islanders in the United Kingdom ... St Kilda.  This hardy breed of Scots survived thousands of years on their Island home, in virtual isolation, and so developed and evolved a completely different lifestyle from anyone else.  In the CRYPTmag read about their life and why in 1930 they evacuated the Islands for ever.

Also in this issue we have that last installment of Barry Walkers "Amiga Event Detector" .. Nice one Baz .. Now all those people who have abandoned Amiga`s lying in their lofts and cupboards can now find a use for them.

As always we have loads of articles to help you with your day to day computing, loads of interesting recipes for you to try and several interesting articles on cars and motor bikes  (boys toys)

Also in this issue, we feature a special announcement.  Unfortunatly in issue 47, we unknowningly published an article that was copyright of Ms Linda s Amstutz.  This article has been removed from the files and apologies sent to Linda.

So .. enter the wonderful world of the CRYPTmag for hours of entertainment

Ian C Fyvie  Editor