Renault Wind Concept:  The Wind Of Change

By Varon Sanornoi


The improvement of Renault, the inventor of the "Wind" roadster this year, is considered an interesting step because it reflexes the tendency into the roadster market in the future.  There are many fascinating features of Wind developed under the “Touch Design” concept, such as the elegantly designed appearance that reflexes lively and the inner decorated with fine quality materials which reflexes class.

Neat, clean appearance consists of 2 main lines which are the bottom and top lines.  Although the headlights’ shapes are plain, they are a significant part that helps empower the overall.  Transparent windshield stuffed with blue and green lights similar to plane’s light, which are such brilliant.  The green smoothly blended with the light blue or aquamarine of the body part is the individual characteristic of Wind.  Fabulous 19-inch wheels and “245-35/ZR19” Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires are another remarkable complement.

The most outstanding of it is the 3-seat capacity which is cocoon-curve shaped, light brown leather seat embraces the passengers and the driver.

Frill-designed seats are permanently installed, as well as the steering wheel and console that are adjustable and automatically roll out when the doors are opened, and that helps the passenger enter the car more easily.  The center section linked with the back seat which is made of carbon fiber.  It is layered with foam and leather, which can flip inside out in order to make the third seat.

Although it is a compact roadster, Wind contains wide and useful space.  The rear space has 232 liters in capacity.  Wind’s dimension consists of 3870 millimeters in length, 1750 millimeters in width, excluding the side windows, 1260 millimeters in height, and 2395 millimeters in wheel’s base’s length, as well as the 850 kilograms in weight.. The back seat has extra thick car soft-top attached with the rear curve-shaped window for protecting the passengers from rain and sunlight.

All Wind’s controlling devices are made of aluminum, which reflexes the sport characteristic.  They are designed to be in round shape installed in the center of console.  They contain control button, communicative device, stereo, and navigation system.

6-speed robotized gearbox is designed to be with the dashboard, while the shift gear is put on the steering wheel like the Formular-1’s.  There is one gauge-meter made of cylinder-shaped glass.  It is used for indicating the round-per-minute speed which is displaying the numbers in both analog and digital.

Air conditioner’s controller is designed to put on the inner driver’s door.  Its engine is a 16-valve 2.0liters, 136 horsepower maximum, and 191 N/m torque.  It is considered a low-pollution engine which qualifies the Euro-4 polluting gas production regulation.  From the Wind’s information, it implies the effort to market the small roadster which has the outstanding in designs in color, capacity, and clean burning energy that is quite energetic.  Most of its designs are in the draft stage, so if Renault has a plan to import this production, they need at least 2 years in development.

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