Spyware killer?

By Ian Urie

Microsoft bought over an anti-virus and anti-spyware company a while back.  It's no surprise to learn that they are now putting out software from the Company.  They previously launched an anti-spyware for XP,  but have now joined options together and have launched Windows Defender.

Catchy name,  isn't it?

As usual with Microsoft,  the interface is slick.  The options page is simple, but gives an easy way to access the settings for all its various parts.

Most of the settings will already be "ticked", allowing you to start using the program immediately.

I didn't bother signing up with Microsoft Spynet, but it could turn out to be an important resource.  A quick click on a button and it will check your drives.

Whew,  nothing this time!  This program will automatically update, check that all your updates are in place and warn you if they haven't been updated.

As usual, Microsoft intends that this will be a paid service in the future, but until then, and it loses its beta status, it's free.  It should help Windows users keep their machine clean, and is yet another weapon against the nasties.

You don't have anything to lose by installing this, so I'd take the time and get it up and running.  You never know, it might well save you a lot of trouble further down the line.

If you are running XP or Vista,  get it here.


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