The Modern Photo Printer

By Michelle Bery

Modern photography has advanced into a technological age that few would have considered years ago. Now, professional photographers and casual hobbyists alike have moved into the digital age where photos that are taken can be instantly downloaded onto a computer for storage and printing. Just twenty years ago, few would have believed that we’d be able to snap and send a picture to a loved one far away in a matter of moments. And, keeping pace this changing technology, is the host of equipment designed exclusively for this new form of picture taking, including the photo printer.

When we download digital pictures from our camera onto our computers, we then have the option to print the pictures from our printer. But suddenly, the average printer wasn’t good enough, as they turned pictures that boasted contrasting light and bold colors on the computer into washed-out grainy reproductions upon printing. The photo printer, rather, is designed to give you a true, superior reproduction of your photo and does so in very little time. Most designs of the photo printer include the use of an ink-jet system that has the ability to represent color meticulously.

There are even newer models of a photo printer that offer the ability to plug your digital camera straight into the printer, thus eliminating the need for download onto your computer. These advancements continue to come as manufacturers assess and meet the needs of today’s busy consumers.

Surprisingly, the photo printer is quite reasonable in price. But, keep in mind that the materials needed to operate a photo printer can be on the pricey side. Specialty photo paper and color toner cartridges can add up over time. However, if you balance the price against the cost – over time – of sending out digital photos for printing, you’ll find that the price of the material pays for itself.

When determining what photo printer is best for you consider the frequency of which you will use it, any space considerations you may have, desired features, and price. Any computer supply store will offer a variety of photo printer models from which to choose.

The photo printer has brought the dark room into the light, allowing us to hold the full representation of our photography in just a matter of moments.

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