Deluxe PocMon

By Ian Urie

Yes, Edgar Vigdal, after he has made a satisfyingly successful job of porting his Amiga classic Deluxe Galaga, now known as Warblade,
 has decided to also port over his other successful game Deluxe  PacMan.
As with the other game, the name has been changed, although this time, only slightly.


Clicking on the page grab will take you there. As it says, there is a demo version available to trial the game.
I'll let Edgar tell you more about it in the grabs for the game.






As you can see, the plot is fairly similar to the standard PacMan game whereby you eat all the pills while dodging the ghosts.
Eating a super pill lets you eat the guardians.......... for a little while.
As in the Amiga version, Edgar wasn't satisfied with this and added weapons, extra lives, different bonuses.
What may well be a masterstroke is the multiple player options with duels.


This, from the options pages shows that you can choose duel mode or multiple player mode.
Edgar also gives the choice of using DirectX or OpenGL graphic mode. I usually use windowed mode as you can see as well.
For those thinking of upgrading to Windows Vista, he has already checked the compatibility and claims it works with Vista.
He does state that since OpenGL isn't a Micro$oft creation, it doesn't work very well and recommends people use DirectX.


Edgar also shows that he can handle different levels of graphics card.


In the above grab, choose your keys.
This is one of the first versions of the game, and buying it just now for $15 will get you every update made for the game, as it is with Warblade as well.
One of the things still to be added is network play.



The graphics, as expected, are nice and colourful .
Playing the game is wonderful.
Vigdal was always reknowned for the sheer gameplay in what are , let's face it, deceptively simple games.
He's captured the spirit of the original well and the game flies.
It's a superb time waster.
I want to see the network option installed quickly, this could be  hugely entertaining in this way.


Damn, beaten again.
Even the bonus games are good, plus there are the secrets.
Forget all your 3D first person shoot em ups, this rocks.
He's even managed to keep the old highscore screen from the Amiga.


Edgar states on the FAQ for the game that there may well be a MAC version coming for the games as well.
Nothing mentioned for any other OS, but I can happily report that the game runs well using Cedega on Linux!
For those that either still use an Amiga or emulate one, the originals of Deluxe Galaga are still available on Aminet although Deluxe PacMan appears to have vanished.
Go on, give them all a try.


RIYAN Productions