Video for everyone

By Ian Urie

Sounds good, doesn't it?
Well, step forward VideoLan.


As you can see VideoLan supports a fair amount of OS's.
All the major ones, in fact.
This is a serious needed bit of kit for anyone wishing to play video.
This player can not handle every format I've ever thrown at it,
but has the ability to stream video as well.
For all those that have struggled to find a decent player for the videos they grabbed off YouTube and the likes, this is it.



To get this wonderful player, simply head to the webpage shown above (just click on it),
and download  from the link for your OS.
I'll show the usual installer for Windows.



The installer is the standard stuff you get with windows, simply accept the defaults.
Once you get it up and running, you can try it out.
The interface is very simple although you'll see from the grabs, I've selected the "details" view.

The video options are shown in the grab above and it also has an equaliser built in.



You can even alter the sound preferences if you decide to listen via headphones.
This player will happily handle DVD, VCD as well.
Even a mozilla plugin !
Instead of having to look for various players for different media,
use this and worry no more.

RIYAN Productions