7 Sexy Secrets:  How To Be Beautiful At Any Size Or Age!

By Nancy Hayssen

Most women wants to feel sexy and beautiful. No matter her age, height, weight, size or shape we want to look and feel good- period. If you are single, married or in a long term committed relationship you will find these tips helpful to look and feel hot and sexy today and everyday!

Here are the seven tips:

1. Have you taken the time to apply makeup that enhances your best facial features? Even on a rushed day, it’s a good idea to represent yourself as a well-groomed woman who puts effort into her appearance. When you feel sexy and confident, the world is yours for the taking.

2. Do your clothes fit your body type, and are you feeling confident and sexy in what you are wearing? Keep in mind that sexy clothes can even be conservative, as long as you feel your best and carry yourself with poise! Accessories such as sexy heels, eye-catching belts or that perfect Little Black Dress can make your evening perfect before you even head out the door.

3. Are you all pretty in pink or . . . red?! Did you know many women are most afraid of the color that looks the best on everyone? Red! Get into the spirit of wearing bright, catchy colors. There are dozens of shades of red and pink to bring out the feminine glow of every woman, so don’t be shy about trying a few until you find one you feel sexy in.

4. Do you have on sexy underwear and a bra that makes the most of your body? Even if chances are that no one else will catch a glimpse of your under-things tonight, there is still a certain rush from knowing the silky secrets you are hiding beneath the fabric of your clothes. If you are in a relationship or involved with a special person they will be sure to love the surprise you have waiting for them underneath it all!

5. Have you treated yourself to a manicure and pedicure lately? Treat yourself to a special manicure and pedicure for this special day. Try a shade of pink to match your pink outfit or red will do the trick, too! Apply clear polish and moisturizer to your nails. If you have time (and funds), however, there are dozens of nail salons and the cost of getting a full manicure and pedicure treatment is likely less than a movie and dinner with friends.

6. Are you willing and open to new experiences in the bedroom? Keep in mind that sexy is as sexy does… we cannot encourage confidence and sexiness outside of the bedroom if we do not address it inside the bedroom. Don’t hide under the sheets or switch off the lights so fast… maybe a change is just what you need in the bedroom!

7. Have you repeated your sexy mantra to yourself daily? Do you look in the mirror and remind yourself of just how sexy you really are? Always remember to carry yourself with an air of sexy confidence. Be your own biggest fan, and others will follow. Tell yourself “I am sexy and I know it!” Know that you are sexy, desirable and interesting, and do not be afraid to remind yourself not only today but everyday!

About the Author:

Plus Size Model Nancy Hayssen, author of “You Can Be Sexy at ANY Size!” is teaching women how to look and feel sexy no matter what weight, shape, age or size. Order your copy at: http://ww.looksexynow.com

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