Volvo Has Safety Written All Over It

By Patrick Kolodziejek

Volvo v70

Volvos are known for being extremely safe cars. They are so safe, in fact, that Volvo has started a “Volvo Saved My Life” Club. This club recounts the many moments in which Volvo drivers have been saved by the safety features of these amazing vehicles.

The Volvo v70 and Volvo s70 comes with standard with numerous safety features that you don’t want to miss out on. These safety features may be what put you in Volvo’s special club.

The Volvo line of cars begins with the Safety-Cage Passenger Compartment. This feature is complete with front and rear crumple zones that are able to dissipate and distribute the collision force. This reduces the physical strain on the car’s passengers. There are also roof pillars and transverse roof profiles that would prevent the car caving in should it roll. The side collision impact system also distributes the force of a collision to the side of a car.

The second feature is the Side-Impact Protection System. This reduces injuries in the event of a side impact. The car’s body is designed to reduce the deformation that occurs to a car when hit form the side.

In many front-end collisions, individuals are often harmed by the steering shaft. In a Volvo s70 you will find a collapsible steering column that is designed to prevent the penetration of the steering column into the vehicle’s cabin.

In rear end collisions, whiplash is a common injury. These injuries are created by the catapult effect that occurs when a vehicle is rear-ended. In the event of an accident to the rear of the vehicle, the Whiplash Protection Seating System is activated. There are two phases involved with this feature. The first is a wire frame and the limited-travel spring system. These features prevent your body from being pressed deeply into the seat. The second is a system that allows the seat to actually move backwards and prevent the person from being thrown forwards. This system is designed to work at speeds of up to 20 mph, as this is when whiplash injuries occur the most.

The airbag system on a Volvo is like not other car. There are three-step airbags with a driver’s and passenger side kneepads. A driver and a passenger will often need protection for their knees. Many knee injuries occur in accidents that are front-end collisions. The driver and the front passenger are often thrown forwards in these types of accidents and the knees may be jammed into the lower console.

These are just a few safety features that are found in the Volvo s70 and Volvo v70, but there are many more additional features that may be found in each car as well.

Volvo s70

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