An A600(HD)  Based DJ Companion Project.

This is a call for help on a fairly complex project for Mobile Discos.

It consists of four parts:-

1)  A multi-channel fully programmable 8, (to 11),  channel light chaser driver,  complete with home built interface(s).
2)  A real time volatile database to enter punter track requirements.
3)  A HDD based non-volatile database proper for the DJs tracks.
4)  A set of Workbench style games for kids to play at weddings and parties,  etc...

I will be doing parts 1) and 2)  but I need people prepared to have a go at parts 3) and 4).

ACE Basic Compiler is free and on AMINET,  along with VBCC and Dice-C.
Also A68K and BLINK are on there also for assembler coders.

MINIMUM Requirements:-

1)  Stock A600(HD).
2)  Standard OS2.0x.
3)  Workbench in 1280 x 400 in 16 colours; running in scrolled HIRES mode.  4)  Two displays,  (CVBS and TV for example).  One remoted for the games.
5)  Digital joystick.  Also remoted for the games.

Palette registers 0 to 3 and 12 to 15 will be deemed sacred but 4 to 11 are for games usage.  However palette registers 0 to 3 and 12 to 15 CAN be used in read only mode for 8 extra colours.
Palette registers 0 to 3 will be of MY choice but 12 to 15 will be a joint decision for everyone involved with the coding.
ONLY topaz 8 fonts,  (and if required topaz 16 fonts),  will be used and everything must run in its OWN Workbench window.  MUI is NOT allowed!

The games window(s) will have priority in the top left hand quarter of the total Workbench screen.  ALL WB games must sit at this position and must NOT have a window greater than 640 x 200 in size.  The 'hidden' HDD database will sit in the bottom left hand quarter of the total Workbench screen.  The window size will be 640 x 200 also.  The 'hidden' right hand half will be for my two parts.

My total code size should be less than about 150KB leaving around 600+KB on a stock 1MB A600(HD) to play with.

Games coders, keep to about 400KB and HDD based database coders can have the rest, 200+KB.  Mine should top off at around 100KB but I have allowed a little extra just in case.

IF we have to have a 1MB ChipRam upgrade to 2MB then so be it, but let's try and stick to a stock A600(HD) machine first.  THIS WILL BE TOUGH BUT WITH CAREFUL THOUGHT AND CODING I THINK IT WILL BE POSSIBLE.

Testers are just as important so if ANYONE is interested contact the mag' on:-

or me, Bazza, on:-

I am also looking at a Windows based system also to do a similar thing.


Here's hoping... :)


RIYAN Productions