The Bmw M5- Unsurpassed Quality And Performance

By Michelle Bery

Car enthusiasts will often tell you of their undying loyalty to a particular car brand. And for many, that means a loyalty to what is considered to be a high-end luxury vehicle brand. The BMW, by far, reflects the continued support of the public for those cars that are considered to be luxury vehicles. And the BMW M5 is included in the superior product line that continues to be offered by BMW.

Originating in 1913 in Munich, Germany, The Bavarian Motor Works company (BMW), was operated by Karl Friedrich Rapp who desired to create superlative vehicles that would be unsurpassed in performance and quality. Rapp achieved his goals in creating the BMW a brand that has held vast consumer appeal for over 95 years. As the industry changed and grew so did the design of the BMW, transforming itself to keep pace with the changing marketplace. The BMW M5 is simply another stage in the evolution of the BMW brand.

The BMW M5 is considered a high-performance luxury sedan and is, in fact, known to be the most powerful sedan in the world and the fastest accelerating BMW model to be built to date. It features a V-10 engine with five-liter capacity, 10 cylinders, 500 horsepower, and engine speeds of more than 8,000 rpm. The BMW M5 is one of the most high-quality vehicles on the road today; the car to which all other vehicles are compared.

The models of the BMW M5 include the E39, E34, and E28, as well as a number of unique models highly appointed with luxurious options. The BMW M5 carries with it a high price tag but how much you ultimately pay depends on the specific model that you purchase.

The BMW brand will undoubtedly continue to engage consumers for many generations to come as it expands its product line and consistently delivers high-end quality and unrivalled luxury through the BMW M5 and other models to come.

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