The CRYPTmag at 50

By Editor - Ian C Fyvie

Our 50th Issue, boy does time pass quickly when you are enjoying yourself.  Prowling around our website last month, I read the "History" page;  written April 2002 by former dual editor Ray Hawkins, Mm .. perhaps this is the time to update you all on what has occurred since.

Rays history article was written just before the release of issue 23, sadly Ray was to leave the CRYPTmag shortly afterwards.  This was announced in issue 25.

Issue 26 was a major stepping stone for the magazine, this issue was the first to have articles with .Gif animations.

Issue 30 we introduced a new page featuring articles by Guest Writers.  From issue 26 to 30 the Cryptmag continued to developed and grow.

Issue 32 we started publishing a lot more computing tips and tricks.  mostly for Windows though, the Amiga appears dead.

In Issue 38 the magazine editorial was written by the Webmaster Steve Evans, normally I would write it, this led to a flood of personal emails asking me what was going on.

Issue 39 produced by NEW editors Baz & Liz.  I had demoted myself to Staff Writer.  The cover of the CRYPTmag also changed to a new cleaner format where all article could be selected from one master page.

Issue 41 saw me leaving the CRYPTmag team.  Having been involved in Magazine writing for around 7 years I needed a well earned break.

Issue 42 saw a New Sponsor banner on the CRYPTmag pages. However this was also the last issue under the control of Baz and liz.  A broken wrist and difficulty in obtaining articles had led them to the point of closure.

Issue 43 I was back.  I honestly felt that the CRYPTmag was too good to just close.  My break had refreshed me and rolling the sleeves up we all got back to work.

Issue 44 perhaps one of our biggest issues.  Coupled with that our website received a major overhaul and now contained things like online games, personalised backgrounds and a daily crossword.  suddenly the CRYPTmag was a fun site to visit.

Issue 49 one of the saddest issues of my life when I had to announce the passing of Barry Cann friend and former editor.

Issue 50 our latest effort.  Currently the site is averaging 300/400 hits per day.  July our busiest month so far recorded almost 11000 visits.  Visitors come from all walks of life and using various computers Windows/Linux/Mac & still the Amiga.  The last 5 years has been a lot of work, some good times some bad, but as always the CRYPTmag pulls through.

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