Grilling Steak Tips – Win Hearts With Succulent Steaks

By Chris McCarthy

Count the number of times you stared at the mere sight of grilled steaks and barbecues served on the table! Actually, it is all ‘the doing’ of the great Grilling art that gives BBQs and steaks their irresistible flavors and looks. You too can dish up lip smacking, shapely steaks if you follow some infallible steak grilling tips. By the way, grilling is not just a process, it is more about preparations and involvement, as you will understand from the following steak grilling tips:

Going ahead with the practical details of the grilling process, the first thing you will have to ensure is the quality of the raw material. Regardless of whether you are grilling fish or beef shoulders, tenderloin or sirloin steaks, the bottom line is fresh raw materials make the best steaks.

Steaks or fillets in the range 1.25 inches to 2.25 inches grill well. A little fat enhances the taste of a bar-b-q but too much of it causes the meat to shrink. Fat, likewise, adds to the palatability of the grilled steak, but then it also increases health risks. Therefore, a healthy tip would be to remove excess fat.

The next sets of steak grilling tips are regarding seasoning processes. You can season the steak with salt and pepper however, some prefer vegetable oil brushings along with salt and pepper seasoning. Leaving the seasoning-coated steak for 30 minutes at room temperature will treat the meat, making it tender and augmenting its natural flavor. Two tablespoons of melted unsalted butter added to the seasoning will give the meat/fish extra delicate flavor.

Now, getting down to the real grilling business, the first tip for you would be regarding the grill itself. You need to preheat the grill before placing the fish or meat steak. Follow this with oiling the grates if you are grilling some meat steak. For a fish steak, you can place a thin hole-poked foil on the grates, thus preventing the fish from sticking.

The most important section of steak grilling tips deal with ‘the doneness’ of the steak. A rare-done steak has tender, soft core enveloped in a seared outer layer. A medium-done steak is more evenly cooked with a brown exterior and semi-firm inner layers. Well-done steaks, on the other hand, are firm to the core.

The best way to ensure that a steak is cooked to your desired degree of doneness is to use a thermometer. Do not use forks or spatulas. They would puncture the steak causing the juice to flow out. A rare-done meat should be ready by the time the thermometer reads 140° on the Fahrenheit scale. Similarly, the ideal temperatures for medium-cooked and well-cooked steaks are 160° and 170° respectively. Remember, the cooking process continues even after you take the steak off the grill.

Equipped with these steak grilling tips you will be able to floor your guests. It would be worthwhile to keep some extra servings ready, for your guests might ask additional helpings of succulent grilled bbq sauce and steaks.

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