Men - Questions You Should Absolutely Not Ask On A First Date!

By Sarah H

The most important question that men should not ask women on a first date is their age. Most women do not like being asked this question, especially more mature women, if it is a younger woman in her early twenties she might not be as offended as an older woman. But it is best to avoid this question all together, until you are maybe on your fourth date or so, although it is obvious that this is an important question and you should know exactly how old the woman you are dating is, so you will eventually have to ask it, but when doing so try and be subtle, don't make it a big issue if she does not want to give you an answer right away.

Never ask a woman on a first date about her weight, this is almost as bad as asking her age, women do not like to talk openly about their weight, so this question should be avoided, after all you can always get an average of her weight by looking at her. This question should be left alone entirely only to be asked if you have established a solid relationship and feel comfortable with each other, by then she should be willing to share this information with you.

You should also not ask a woman what her salary is. This question should not be asked on a first date or any other date for that matter. Both men and women do not like being asked about their financial income, this is a very personal topic for them and therefore this information should be given freely when they are married or if they are in a relationship long enough and decide that they don't mind sharing this information with their partner. There have been known cases where neither husband nor wife were willing to divulge this sort of information to each other, EVER!

The final question that you should not ask is how many partners they have had before they met you. This is an absolutely no, no question, to ask a woman. This is a very private issue in a woman's life and no man should disrespect her by asking her this question. Asking this question definitely borders on poor dating etiquette, and so should be avoided at all costs. There is probably not a single woman who would divulge this information to her partner, because this information can cause bad things to happen in a relationship.

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