Scottish Motor Fair - Knockhill

Ian C Fyvie

The 2007 Scottish motorfair was once again held at the Knockhill Racing circuit in Fife.  Althought the turnout this year was better than ever, sadly the Scottish weather broke from wonderful sunshine to cold gray mist and drizzle, canncelling the Parachutists display and a Spitfire fly past.

Still not to be downhearted, I grabbed the trusty camera and headed for my second home, Knockhill.

There is no point saying the weather didn`t put a dampener on things, as it certainly did, the cold wet weather got wetter and wetter as the day progressed. Still there was a wonderful turn out and loads of things to see.

The 2006 Renault F1 car the Alomso won the Championship with. The F1 Top of the range Renault Megane (I want one :)

A large and varied selection of heavy transport goods vechicles ... Hold your breath ... Yes!    even the police were showing people around their vechicles (Camera van & motorcycle)

Two main events did however take place, much to the excitement of the crowd.

The Amazing Rocket Man
Yes the jetpack that recently featured in the James Bond movie was here along with the RocketMan flown all the way from the USA.  Sadly all hopes were dashed when we were informed that it took 4 hours to charge the Rocket tanks and that, provided only 30 seconds of human flight at around 30ft.  It was pretty obvious that we were going to get only one flight from him so Camera`s at the ready.  The sound of the Rocketpack on take off is louder than that of a Jumbo Jet, and we were advised to cover our ears, difficult to take a photo then? Ears uncovered, pointed camera ... Very loud noise .. pain in ears .. large cloud of steam/smoke .. when it cleared the Rocketman had landed..DAM!  completely missed the flight :(

The Wheelie Firetruck
A large heavy Firetruck doing Wheelies hard to imagine, But YES! fire and smoke comming from the double exhaust pipes this big beauty ran up the straight with her from wheels pointing to the heavens.

Sorry but due to the weather some of the photo slideshow are not the best quality, these things happen at live events.

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