Scouting Local Auctions For Products To Sell On Ebay

By Lynn Terry

If you have never sold products on eBay before, I would suggest that you start with your own household items that you are ready to part with. You probably have things in storage, items in the back of your closet, or things you donít use anymore. You can generally get a lot more for them on eBay than you can by having a yard sale.

Once you get your feet wet with the selling process, and exhaust your personal resources, you can look to local auctions for more products to sell on eBay. Many local auctions specialize in property, personal estates, antiques, Nascar and other collectibles.

Sometimes you can even find large lots of inventory or product types, and purchase the entire lot for a discount or wholesale price. You can then sell the products individually through online auction, and flip your investment into a nice little profit.

How do you choose which products to buy, and how much should you bid?

The goal is to buy low and turn a nice profit. What I have done in the past, and would highly recommend, is that you team up with your spouse or with a friend. One stays at the computer while the other attends the local auctions, and you stay connected by cell phone. You want to keep your method under your hat by the way, so step outside to make the calls or be as inconspicuous about text messaging as you possibly can.

When you find a product that you are interested in, or that you think may do well on eBay, make a note of the model number or any specific product information. Pass this on to your "invisible partner" so that they can research the product for you.

They can look up the product to see how well it has sold on eBay in the past, and the price range that it usually brings as a high bid. This helps you to bid more accurately at the auction, instead of guessing at how well it will do online and bidding in the dark.

Your partner will need to be quick on the keyboard and familiar with eBay. You need to know how many auctions are currently running for that item, and whether the market is already flooded with sellers. They can also search the Completed Auctions to see what the high bids were when the most recent auctions ended. After a few trial runs, you can get your teamwork down to an art.

Without this Invisible Partner you may bid too high for an item that brings a lower price on eBay, or that doesnít sell well online. Unless you know your product, and know your market (super well), it pays to have someone checking on things behind the scenes.

You can usually find out about Local Auctions by checking the newspapers. There is also a great site called where you can find live auctions in your area as well. All you have to do is put in your zip code, tell it how far you are willing to travel (within 30 miles, for example) and it will give you a calendar of auctions in your area.

A quick search at AuctionZip tells me that there are 9 local Auctions going on in my area this weekend (and I live in a very small town). Some of them are for properties, others are entire personal estates (ie estate auctions), and some of them specialize in antiques & collectibles.

When you tap into these resources and get a system down for buying smart, you can flip products from one auction to another for an easy profit!

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