Truck Wrap Graphics

By Stew Mayers

Just when we thought that outdoor advertising tactics couldn't get any more innovative than blimps, in comes truck wrap , which places a new meaning to the phrase 'mobile marketing'. Companies started to realize the potential profitability of wrapping Trucks and other types of Trucks with colorful advertisements in vinyl after studies showed that around 96% of Americans travel each day, either as a passenger or as a driver.

Indeed, everyone spends a lot of his or her time on the road; and what better way to reach this market than to place catchy marketing materials in media that keep up with their speeds. Since a lot of us do not really have the time to stop and look around, truck wrap advertisements bring the information about products and services directly to us.

Truck Wrap Graphics

It costs around $2000 to $4000 to wrap an entire Truck; and this can last for around three years -- and that's just the basic type of vinyl. The more specialized makes of truck wrap graphics can survive even the most extreme weather conditions for as long as ten years! If you place it alongside traditional outdoor media strategies like billboards and tarps, which cost the same for just a year's exposure, you know that you're in a 'win' situation.

In addition, because Truck wraps are mobile ads, they can reach a wider audience, as opposed to fixed outdoor ads, whose exposure is limited only to the people who pass by it. The benefits of truck wrap are more all-encompassing and long-term.

Custom Truck Wraps
Compared to custom paint jobs, which you will have to scrape off once you tire of them or once they submit to outdoor wear, vinyl graphics can just be placed over your Truck's body paint without ever ruining it. It is a cost-effective and practical way to add life to your Truck.

Truck wrap is not just for advertisers and marketers. Even private individuals who want to give a unique look to their Trucks can install any design they want. Race Truck drivers do this to help them stand out during competitions and look edgy. Truck enthusiasts get into vinyl graphics to turn heads on the road. Whatever the purpose, you can rest assured that you will never have to think about your Truck blending in ever again.

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