Wedding Speech Doníts

By Chris Morton

Have you ever sat through what seems like endless hours of wedding speeches? While it is nice that everyone wants to offer up praises to the bride and groom, a simple toast is usually all that the rest of the guests can handle. Yet, long wedding toasts are not the only wedding speech ďdoníts.Ē Here are some other things to avoid when you are writing or giving your wedding toast:

Donít get Dirty
Everyone loves the guy with a great sense of humor, but not everyone likes dirty jokes or stories. While you may have a great story to tell about that drunken Spring Break trip in college, not everyone needs to hear it. There may be children or conservative people present. Keep your toast clean and tasteful.

Donít Give the Wedding Speech Drunk
Alcohol can lower your inhibitions, so you never know what you will say while under the influence. It is easy to say something embarrassing or forget your speech when you are drunk. If you are giving a wedding toast, wait to do your heavy drinking until after it is done.

Donít Mention Sensitive Subjects
There are just some topics that have no place in a wedding toast, because they can bring up bad memories or are just in bad taste. Here is a simple list of things to avoid in your wedding speech:
ē Old boyfriends/girlfriends
ē Prior marriages
ē Cost of the wedding
ē Wedding gifts
ē Secrets or confidential matters
ē The honeymoon

Donít Talk About Your Relationship
Even if you are in a happy marriage, avoid discussing your own relationship in your wedding toast. This day is about the bride and groom, so keep the focus on them.

Avoid Politics
Politics are a hot-button issue, and everyone may not agree with your view of things. Avoid discussing political issues in your wedding speech. Again, keep it focused on the bride and groom and their special day.

Avoid Religious Lecturing
While evangelism has its place, it is not likely to belong in a wedding speech. Yet, if you are toasting a religious couple, it is perfectly appropriate to say a prayer or blessing for the couple. However, avoid trying to convert the guests in your toast.

Donít be Apologetic
Donít apologize for not being a good speaker. Just give your speech. People may not even notice that you are uncomfortable speaking in front of a large group, so why bring attention to it.

Donít Go On and On and On and OnÖ
In order to give a good wedding speech you should keep it short and to the point. Under 3 minutes is usually perfect timing for a wedding toast. It allows you to praise the bride and groom while still keeping the interest of the other guests.

Donít be Negative
Keep your wedding toast positive. Avoid telling sad stories or focusing on the negative. For instance, if the father of the bride has passed on, try not to dwell on it. You can say that he would be proud of his daughter, but donít say that the wedding or marriage will never be the same without him there. End your speech on a positive note.

About the Author:

Chris Morton ran hotels and restaurants for 10 years, organising many successful weddings in the process. His wife Sue is a wedding coordinator who has help many nervous brides and their families. Visit for 100's of tips showing you how to plan a great wedding day

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