Angel Writer

By Ian Urie

As you can appreciate the Crypt writers spend lots of time downloading applications
that , hopefully, turn out to be worth an article.
In quite a few cases, this proves not to be true.
A case in point was a live CD developed for Windows that I found while surfing a few weeks ago.
However, all was not lost.
I did find an application on the disk that looked as if it might be worthwhile in its own right.


Ignore the advert for Info angel, which is the startup display for Angel Writer.
Click on the picture to go to the webpage, as per usual
Angel Writer is a nice looking RTF editor.
The display looks similar to Word, so shouldn't give anyone misgivings when it loads.


As above, it is made by Angelic Software of Russia and is free.
One of the many good points about this package is the size of the writer. It's tiny (by windows standards).
The download is 1.69mb.
As for speed, this loads extremely quickly and the menus are a dream to navigate through.
The only drawback is that it saves only in RTF, text or HTML.
Now most processors can read RTF, HTML and text, but it would be nice if it did other formats, such as doc, pdf etc.


The writer even has 8 different language translations for its menus , so non english speaking people like Turks,Italians,Germans, Russians (bit of a giveaway seeing the authors are Russian) are catered for.
If live CDs start to take off on windows, I can see this package getting installed more than a few times.
It's never going to compete with the likes of Open Office and their like, but for a quick low footprint word processor, this looks good.


Unfortunately, this is as large as the help file gets.
I doubt you'll need one, if you've used Word before or any other word processor, it does have the obligatory advert for Info Angel included.
As you may have guessed by now, the Company gives away Angel Writer but has a couple of  products it sells.


If you have a low spec machine , or lack space on your drives. This is an extremely fast little word processor
that won't cost you a penny.
Give it a try and see for yourself.

RIYAN Productions