By Ian Urie

Yeah, this is the title of the new release from that rather nattily named hard rock band Logan from Glasgow.


Clicking on the picture will take you to Logan's website. Highly recommended!
If you haven't heard of Logan (and why not), you're missing out.
The band is a five piece and features Kenny Collins on vocals,
 Mick Coll on guitar,
 with Iain Stratton on drums,
 Michael Wilson on bass
 and Al Reilly on lead guitar.


Logan have featured on certain music channels playing their last single and been the
support band with the likes of AlterBridge, as well as touring on their own.
I have mentioned in previous issues of the mag seeing them play live.
I would describe their musical style as post grunge , although they might not agree with that.


With this latest release, the guys decided to give the fans a live album.
The concert was last December at the Renfrew Ferry venue and the CD is the
acoustic set they did prior to the electric "normal" set.


The concert was also filmed and they have included two DVDs with the CD.
The first DVD comprises the entire acoustic set and the later electric one.
These are interspersed with some small interview clips.


The second DVD has the complete videos of the bands successful singles "When I Get Down" and "Hallowed Ground".
It also has archive footage of the band as well as older promos and various other bits 'n' bobs.


I was present at the Ferry gig and it was a stormer.
The bands fans are passionate about the band and rocked along with all the old favourites as well as the newer material.


The Ferry is a fairly intimate venue and the temperature rose as the night went on.
The guys put on a great show and the DVD captures it in its entirety.

hallowed ground

The pack is on sale for more than their usual albums, but with the addition of the DVDs is well worth it.


The band are one of the new breed that do everything for themselves and prefer to keep separate from a record company.
All money generated is ploughed back into the band and is a credit to , not only the work ethic, but talent of the guys that they have come so far, so fast.
All screengrabs are taken from the DVDs.
Quality and sound (as you'd expect) are excellent.
Support this band and go out and buy a copy!

RIYAN Productions