By Steve Evans


I recently had to change the banner on around 1000 pages of back issues of the magazine, so I was looking for a program that would help me cut down on a lot of time wasting with the HTML code replacement. I found NoteTab Light, a great free notepad replacement to be just the thing I needed. So I popped along to and downloaded the latest version which was 4.95. Installed it and it looks like this -

(Click on the image for a bigger version)

The next thing to do was to copy my original files to a working folder, as anyone that runs a website will know. NEVER do this type of work with the original copies, it will only lead to heart ache if/went you mess it up. So now we have our working files all we have to do is locate them on the hard drive.

So click on the nav bar at the top and go to "Search/Search Disk" to locate your files.

When you have the folder located you want to find all the files that need replacing.
I then copied in the code that I wanted replacing and NoteTab loaded all the pages.

With all the pages loaded, go to "Search/Replace"

In the top box put in the code you want replacing.
In the lower one put in the new code.

It will ask for conformation of the change.

When it's done go to "File/Save all" and your done.

I had 9 Issues of the magazine to do, so I just repeated this for each folder.
It's then just a case of checking eveything is ok and replacing the new
files over the old originals.

To be honest, it took me longer to check every webpage than it did to do the work.

So I would heartily recommend NoteTab for batch code changing, and I'm sure I've
only scratched the surface of the power of this free program.

RIYAN Productions