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How To Convert PDF To Text

By Sam Miller

If you have ever opened your Adobe Acrobat software program and seen your computer freeze or hang, you have experienced the tremendous resource drain that Adobe Acrobat puts on computers in general.  Converting PDF to text is a simple way of avoiding this system hangup.  Convert PDF to text using any multitude of available software, including the Adobe Acrobat authoring software tools.  Changing the nature of a PDF file is not difficult at all and provides many benefits to the user.  When you convert PDF to text, you make it easier to load, smaller to store and far less of a system resource hog than when it is a PDF native file.  The reasons to convert PDF to text are multiple and include making the text faster to load and easier to read as well as reducing the need for the user to rely on the Adobe Acrobat reader and its high system resource needs.  In the process required to convert PDF to text, the user generally requires third-party software that is more efficient than the Adobe Acrobat authoring tool.  While utilizing these types of software, it is a good idea to try them all and choose and decide for yourself which one you prefer.  New users can even simply publish the PDF file to the web and use Google's ability to show a PDF file as HTML to convert the PDF to text.  This is a clever method of getting around utilizing the Adobe Acrobat software to convert PDF to text, as simply publishing the PDF file to the web can provide the user with a valuable and simple way of converting PDF to text.  Logging on to Google and looking up the PDF file will provide the user with a link that simply reads HTML version.  Clicking on this HTML version link will give you the plain text and HTML version of the PDF file that you had converted.

Of course the software exists on the Internet that allows you to convert PDF to text for free, providing that you don't mind searching around for it.  It is recommended that the user perform their due diligence and compare the software that allows you to convert PDF to text for maximum effectiveness as well as all the other available options and features against competing software program offerings.  Once the software tool has been located that allows the user to manipulate PDF files to their heart's desire, it is a good idea to compare it to new and existing software tools that also convert PDF to text for effectiveness and relative value.  Deciding which PDF file program to use to convert PDF to text is a simple matter, providing that the user invests the time and effort required to ascertain which PDF conversion tool is actually the best of the available software programs.

Converting PDF to text is a popular activity, as users seldom want to sit through the hassle of dealing with the Adobe Acrobat reader software program.

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