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Cue V

When it comes to getting one up on your opponent in a game of pool, every little edge helps!  The new Cue-V is a brilliant little gadget for all you billiard-loving enthusiasts out there and will help you improve your game using the very latest in technology.  Sometimes you just wonder why these things have taken so long to invent;  once you've given Cue-V a crack, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Bridging has never been easier than with the brilliant Cue-V from Boysstuff.  Benefit from less friction from sticky hands or a sticky cue, and better cue control from absolutely any position.  All you have to do is whack this little plastic gem on your hand making sure it's in the correct position with the V pushed back between the base of your thumb and forefinger and you're away.  You'll be shooting pool like nobody's business thanks to the Cue-V, and a little natural talent of course!

The Cue-V comes in two sizes;  Medium for teenagers and women and large for adult men.  Use the Cue-V for control, less friction, awesome jump and trick shots and best yet it's used and recommended by none other than Imran Majid!  The fabulous Cue-V is available from Boysstuff in either black or white…so take your pick and get shooting!

Boys Stuff Price: £2.99

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