Editorial - Issue 50 -


The Ferret Speaks!

Issue 51 of the CRYPTmag,  what can I say,  We are quickly heading for the end of 2007 and preparing for 2008.  A quick check of back issues reveal I said all this back in the year 2000  (7 long years ago :)  how time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

Well, back to this issue, once again we bring you loads of interesting and informative articles which will improve your computing experiences be it on Windows or using an Amiga emulation program like WinUAE.

We show you how to speed up browsing in Internet Explorer,  How to get those needed symbols into your text and have a brilliant selection of gadgets from our new Sponsors Boysstuff.

Boysstuff is Britainís premier website for all sorts of gadgets and gizmos which will brighten or cheer up your life (Not to be missed).

Ever wanted to build your own website,  but not had a clue where to start ... Boystuff have the answer,  so check out "Takeaway Website" in our Gadjet Corner page.

Our very own Ian Urie has a brilliant question for you,  "Are we living in a Totalitarian Society?" read his article and then make up your own mind.

Finally this Issue I am happy and proud to announce that our staff have been increased by one,  namely Mr Dirk Harlaar.  Dirk should be no stranger to Amiga users, having already worked for Haage & Partners and having articles published in the AmigActive Magazine.

Dirk & I have worked before in another online magazine, so I am sure he will make a valuable contribution to our writing staff. Welcome aboard my friend!

OK!  ..  with issue 51 now behind us ... on to Issue 52 ... our famous CRYPTmas Issue.  It will be bigger and better .. you have my word on that!  (Watch out for our CRYPTmas Carols)

See you all then.

Ian C Fyvie  Editor