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If you're a bit of a camera buff, you'll know how frustrating it is to lug around a tripod and sandbag and a whole range of other stabilizing paraphernalia just to get that all important shot!  Finally, some smarty pants has come up with a brilliant travel camera tripod that is hard-wearing, flexible and compact and best of all it can support your camera just about anywhere!

The GorillaPod has three super duper bendy legs that can grip onto just about anything from a tree branch to rocks and can create an even surface out of quicksand if you give it half a chance!  The legs can rotate 360 degrees so it's no wonder it's like gymnast on steroids in terms of flexibility!  When you're shooting with a small digital camera the GorillaPod has another handy feature to make getting the shots you want just that little bit easier.  The top of the tripod has a super-slim slip plate so that you can keep it attached to your camera or video and then just click it back onto the GorillaPod whenever you need it!

GorillaPod Features:

A flexible, hard-wearing and compact tripod in either SLR or compact sizes.
A slim line slip plate so your camera stays connected on even the most uneven surfaces.
Three super flexible yet sturdy legs with 360degree flexible joints.
Extra grip through ring and foot grips to clip the GorillaPod onto branches, tables and rocks.
Suitable for ages 16 years+.

Compact Pod:  12cm leg length
SLR Pod:  19cm leg length.

Boys Stuff Price: 19.95

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