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DIY Lesson:  How To Install Drywall

By Ray J. Walberg

If you want to learn how to drywall it can be a tricky process but fortunately learning how to install drywall is never as hard as people may say.  You will want to learn how to do it right so finishing drywall is not a huge chore for you.  Make sure you have the right equipment before your start the project.  This will all depend on where you want to install the drywall and how large a surface area you are working on.

The first step is to sand down your walls and make the surface smooth.  You should use a rag or cloth to get rid of sand after you are down so the wall is clear and white.  Never skip this step.  You should have the wall smooth and totally washed before you do the drywall process.  You should follow all instructions from the dry wall kit to get a great finish.

You will plaster any holes that are visible and you can use a putty trial and a scraper to do this.  You may also need joint putty and a patch.  Depending on the size of the hole you might need to put down another layer of plaster on the area.  You will have to repeat this procedure twice until you get the wall totally smooth.

Follow all the steps in the drywall kit and you will be ready with your wall.  Once you do that step you can get your paint brushes out and ready to go.  You should pick the right tools and paint for your project and this will help you get a better finished look . Move the furniture away from the walls for the whole process and then you can move them back after you are done with the paint job.  You’ll want to spruce up your whole home with curtains, furniture and any other home décor ideas you may have.

More than difficult, dry walling takes patience and time.  You might want to consider other options besides drywall to improve your walls depending on what they need.  If you need you can just cover the areas that are falling apart by putting up lining or you can try to cover up areas that need to be covered.  Figure out what way will save you the most time and money in the process.  You might be able to make simple repairs to your walls rather than redoing the whole thing.  If you have serious issues with the walls like rotting or mold then you might want to call in an expert to do the job right.  You also want to avoid breathing anything dangerous during this time.  Make sure you do the job right no matter how you do it.

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