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One Drop

Do you leave others fleeing the building after you've made a visit to the little boys room??  Worried that the stench produced after a heavy night of curry and larger could knock out those of a weak disposition??  Not convinced that lighting a match is sufficient to kill off the aroma coming out of your lav??

Worry no more…this little bottle of liquid makes a brave claim….'No more odours before, during and after passing motion'  Yep that's correct…1 drop is the answer to all toilet traumas.

It's extremely easy to use too, just tap one drop of the liquid into the water within the toilet bowl before each visit…and you're all set!  1 Drop creates a deodorising layer on the water surface;  it literally is a magic smell eater!  The kind people at 1 Drop have also included a bottle holder which can be affixed to the wall by your toilet so that 1 Drop is easily accessible at all times.

Regular aerosols simply mask the smell… but covering it up doesn't mean it's gone…that odour can soon be back!  1 Drop pre-empts and eliminates the smell in seconds!  It's specially patented formula deodorises by neutralising odour and germs and this 30ml bottle of 1 drop will last approximately 6months.

One Drop
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