The birth of a new Puppy!


Yup, Barry has released another version of Puppy. The above is the screen when it has booted.
As seen, it has most of the information you need immediately on screen.
You don't really want that as a backdrop, though.
Right click anywhere and change it through the menu, there's a few choices installed.
Why not put some of your favourites on it as well?
This is Puppy 3. (It's actually 3.01 which is a bug fix of 3.00)
Many more improvements have occurred.
Clicking on the grab above will take you to the Puppy website.
Puppy has been rewritten with the aim of being able to install slackware packages.
The kernel this time is with many other package upgrades.
The download is still below 100mb, albeit not by much now.
This is for the Sea Monkey version comprising the large Sea Monkey suite (Mozilla).
I'm always amazed how well Puppy works on my system and this version is no exception.
Puppy once booted is very fast, especially as I keep it all in Ram!
I've previously showed Puppy running inside an emulator within Windows and Mandriva and froma memory stick.
I've never used it as a multi session CD although it can also be used like that.
Although many people don't like the simplistic graphics, it can be altered very easily using any of the tools on this distro.
As per usual, I boot from CD , then save all the grabs viua memory stick before writing the article.
I could simply save them to any of my drives, but prefer to leave them well alone.


The easy way to mount or unmount any drives showing all the partitions on my machine.

The startup seems faster and more slick than previous versions and tools a lot more manageable.
The help documentation is as comprehensive as ever.


Once booted, there's all those lovely little wizards to help you, such as the Internet connection.


Let's go for the network.........


Hmm, choices, choices.


Well, it found my connection, let's Auto DHCP it.


If you're not going to install it or run Puppy regularly, it won't make any difference to you whether you save or not.


See, told you.
In many ways, I've found it harder to get a network up on windows!

So what can we do with an active connection?


Well, You Tube works straight out the box!

We could always update Puppy with things we want. I always like Opera, so let's see how hard it is to install.



The first two grabs you'll see when you run the Package Manger.
I love the names.........


Have a look for some goodies.
Since Barry is making Puppy compatible with Slackware, this will open the floodgates for more packages.

more stuff

That should do for now. another browser and some codecs to watch more movies.
There's loads of other choices, and then there's also the unofficial ones.


Simply pick where to download from, or if you have the package stashed on a drive somewhere, pick local.


Now, that is an improvement.
I remember in one of the previous versions having to go back and search for the dependancies.


WooHoo! no more pain trawling for packages, by the looks of it.
Wonder if it works?


Looking hopeful!


There. That was easy.
I can't stress how easy it is to like this little Puppy, or how much fun it is to play with.
Those, who used amigas would love this to bits.
It has oodles of configuration options available with the wizards.
There's literally  loads of different ways to run it.
You don't need to know an awful lot about linux to use it.
With a modern  computer with a reasonable amount of ram, this flies!
On an old machine, if it gets installed, you can run it on a very small footprint.
It will still be fast.
If you have a broadband connection, there's no excuse not to download it and give it a try.
Come on, what are you waiting for?

RIYAN Productions