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Starting A Website

By T. Stephens

People always ask me "How do I easily start a website?  Starting a website Is A lot easier than most people think.  All you need is direction.  And I am going to give you that Direction right now.  Just simple follow what I tell you in this article and you will have a website up and running in no time.

The first thing to starting a website is you will need to write your sales copy for whatever it is your selling.  You can start out by just typing your Sales letter on Microsoft Word or Notepad.  Or an easier way in starting a website is to buy Resell Rights to someone elses product.  They then give you their sales page and thank you page, and you just replace their payment link with your own.  Go to google or some other search engine and type in "resell rights" or "resell rights products" and you should find some good ones out there.  Now follow the next two steps and you'll easily have a website started.

The second thing to start a website is to set up or replace those payment links.  I recommend http://PayPal.com for setting up free payment links.  You'll have to set up an account at PayPal.  Don't worry, this is easy and It's free.  Once your account is created, Click on the tab for merchants.  There you will be able to make a Pay Now button for each product.  PayPal will then spit out a code for you to copy and paste into your webpage.  You will need a html editor.  You can get a free one at http://www.evrsoft.com   All you do is open your free html editor, go to file>open>(your webpage), and if your using someone elses' made webpage for reselling, then look in the html code And find out where they put their payment images.  Now just highlight that piece of code and paste your PayPal Button code in to replace it.

The last thing to starting a website, is a Hosting account and a domain name.  I recommend http://Host4Profit.com  They'll provide you with the option of a domain name as well.  Just think of a good domain name, see if it's available through their search button, if it is go ahead and buy your hosting account.  Most Hosting companies will give you free website creation software with your purchase.  Use this software to copy and paste your sales letter  (If you created your own)  into the software.  You'll be able to change the fonts and colors and everything.  Your hosting company will also email you information on accessing your Control Panel.  Go to your controll panel and upload the webpages and all of the pictures and graffics.  You now have your own website!

Now if you STILL think starting a website is too hard then I'll give you a very easy solution.  I know a guy who will personally Build you a website already set to bring you in money.  And He'll do this for Free.  Just follow 3 easy steps of entering some info in, and he'll build you one for free with a built- in Newsletter system to follow up with subscribers.  This is YOUR OWN website so you can Change whatever you want.  It's fully cusomizable.  Starting your own website has never been any easier with this option layed out for you.  Just Click on the link below in the "about the author" section.  You may have to copy and paste it into your browser bar.  Hope this article was helpful!

About the Author:

T. Stephens is a giver, not a taker. He Gives only quality information and free products and services. Now he's giving you a quick boost ahead offering you a free website built and made for you. Visit: hbizopportunities.com/pips

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