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Stealth Switch

Save your job and protect your privacy - With the worlds first desktop cloaking device!  Imagine you are at the office;  happily surfing the net, playing a computer game or looking at that top secret file… and out of nowhere your boss walks in.  Cue plenty of;  button pressing, anxiety and if you are really unlucky a good telling off.  We've all been there, but this could now be a thing of the past!

The Stealth Switch is the world's first desktop cloaking device.  With one simple tap on the foot switch you can instantly;  hide your current window, hide all open windows, bring up a preferred window, password protect your computer, mute sound and do several other useful things.

The work evader in you will be pleased to know that the applications are not just minimized, they are made completely invisible.  So no more turning off the monitor or doing those dodgy mouse clicks when your boss walks past.  The hard worker in you will be reassured that your monitor contents are kept confidential and away from prying eyes.

There is also no need to worry about getting caught when using it, thanks to it being discretely hidden under the desk.  Could it be any more perfect!


Suitable for PC and MAC
It comes with an enormous 6 Feet long USB cable - Perfect length to conceal under the desk.  The CD software is very intuitive and has many versatile options StealthSwitch ™ will hide any application, including browsers, Office Documents, Download windows, video players, audio players, Instant messengers etc.

Stealth Switch
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