Those cheeky chappies collectively known as Thunder have released a new CD single.
This happily coincides with a new tour.
Unfortunately, there isn't an album behind it, hence the single.
The single is a strictly limited edition run of 3000.
I presume it's as good as sold out now, but you can always try.
Anyway, their cunning plan is to slake the hunger of their fans until a new album appears. this is tentatively  planned for mid 2008.
In the meantime, they plan to release at least one more single before then.
The current single (seen above) has 6 tracks.
Chain Reaction
Yesterday's News
Midlife Crisis
Dirty Dream
What a Beautiful Day
A Million Faces

The first three tracks are brand new with the remaining being live tracks.
As everyone should know by now, Thunder are a brilliant live band.
As befits a band that wants to have the best live tracks they were recorded at the Carling Academy in Glasgow.
28.11.2006 to be precise.
And , yes, I was there!
As for the new tracks, they turn out to be good tracks and not simply filler put out as leftovers.
Chain Reaction is an upbeat number with a nice swing to it, while Yesterday's News starts off with Morley and James exchanging beats before settling into a nice chugging riff.
Midlife Crisis could have been written for an earlier album where the band did wondering about life.

Anyway here's the tour poster.


Remember to learn the words of all the songs, there may well be questions asked on the tour.
See you there!!

RIYAN Productions