Are we living in a Totalitarian Society?

I'm beginning to wonder.

We all know how much Big Brother is operating in Great Britain these days.
CCTV is used everywhere nowadays and Britain is the major user of this technology.
It can help solve crime, and indeed, is now one of the first things to be checked when anything bad has happened.
We read about things daily, I could mention innocent people being shot because our security services decided they were an enemy, but I'll let it go.
My point this time is our beloved DVLA.


You may have noticed that you can tax your vehicle online now.
This is because the MOT system is now computerised and the insurance system is also linked into their system.
My son had an accident a few months ago.
His car was a write off, and was taken to a breakers yard to see if we could salvage anything from it.
His tax disk was reclaimed, as it wasn't any use to him and the money might well as be in his pocket, rather than the governments.
After a time when we decided there was nothing worth taking, we scrapped the car.
Nothing unusual there, you might think.
Imagine his surprise when he got a nice letter from them demanding a "fine" because he hadn't renewed his tax disk for that period before it had been scrapped.
He sent back a letter stating what had happened.
Another letter appeared saying they had checked their facts and he hadn't  SORN'd the vehicle.

If he didn't pay the fine, they'd take him to court and he could get fined up to 1200.
Of course, he paid immediately.
So now, the matter is closed.
So, breaking the law in this country now is failing to fill in a form?
If you reclaim a tax disk, I would expect the vehicle to be off the road.
Failing to do that means the police would catch you since they have access to the database as well.
As you see from the top grab, they would also have seen the insurance was removed from the car at the same time.
It's too much to enquire if the car is actually offroad?
It appears to be in this country, its preferable simply to assume they are breaking the law and fine them.
Back to the title of the article...........

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