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The Rockfire USB PC Games Port Adaptor For Windows (TM) And WinUAE.

I purchased a(n) HP dv2036ea Notebook/Laptop and like many current laptops
it has no legacy serial, parallel or analogue games ports. For my projects
I need all of these so I have purchased all three types as USB, (Universal
Serial Bus), add-ons...

These add-ons are for my WinUAE/AF2005 setup on this laptop.

This particular unit is the Rockfire USB Joystick Converter type RM-203.

A typical supplier in the UK is Maplin Electronics:-


Order Code is UA22Y.

It is designed to work on a Windows (TM) based machine and requires at
least a USB port on the computer to be avaiable.

All there is in the packaging are the unit itself and the instructions
on installation, no installation disk/CD is necessary as Windows XP has
all the necessary drivers etc, for a correct install.

Once the unit is plugged into a USB port on the computer the usual jingles
are heard to tell you that a new device has been added. After going through
the usual new device sequences, open up Control Panel and go to the Games
Adaptor section, start it up so as to set the unit up and calibrate it.

Once it is 'installed' this device is then detected as a gameport for
WinUAE and works near identically to a legacy built-in PC games port.

After installing it myself I decided to see how good it was for WinUAE so
I decided to try my WinUAE-ADC project on it. Although this was BARELY OK,
I found that other projects requiring the PC games port worked mighty
fine. Some of these will be in future magazine issues.



Mr Barry Walker, G0LCU.

Email:- wisecracker@tesco.net
URL:- http://homepages.tesco.net/wisecracker/G0LCU.HTM

Author of the ~TestGear?~ projects in the ~hard/hack~ drawer of AMINET.


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modifications, schematics, repairs and the like is:-




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