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The USB Data Storage Strategy

By Simon Peters

The cutting-edge USB data storage devices make data storage easier and more portable.  While the contents of everyoneís computer are unique in nature, the need to store, transport and archive data is almost universal.  Unless you use your computer for occasional letter writing, email and marathon games of solitaire, you will need a data control strategy at some point.  The first step in planning your strategy is to analyze the way you use your computer.  Then you can determine what you want to save and whether to save it on an external drive, DVD or a USB data storage device.

All Work and No Play

Start with the work you do with your computer.  Do you use it for professional reasons?  Do you use it to keep records for a personal business?  Are you working on the great American novel?  Consider anything that needs to be archived; including completed projects that need to be saved should be backed up.  Large projects can go on DVDís if you have a burner.  They can hold much more than CDís and you can save a little money by storing completed work on record-only DVDís.  Work in progress can go onto rewritable DVDís so that they can be updated periodically.  If you like to bring digital work home, the answer is a USB data storage device.  Work can be carried safely and compactly home, worked on and then resaved and brought back to work.

Some hobbies should also be backed up, of course.  Any files that you donít want to lose should be placed on removable storage and kept in a safe place.  If you have ever lost a hard drive, you may feel the need to back up your programs as well as your files.  Rebuilding a hard drive is an unpleasant task.  You can buy a removable hard drive to create a copy of your basic set up.  This includes your programs and the settings that you prefer.  This keeps a copy of your programs safe from virus infections.

When you have files that need to travel, you should use a USB data storage device.  A video project for a birthday party, digitally enhanced photos for a wedding shower or the latest videos from your favorite family rock band are excellent files to carry around on your USB data storage device.  It is a temporary way to backup the entertainment as well as the best way to transport the life of the party to the party.

About the Author:

Simon Peters is the owner of On Data Backup, it is THE best source for advice on the subject on backing up your data, nothing to sell, just information . . .

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