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Choosing A Wedding Cake

By Denise Duncan

Choosing a wedding cake is always purely the choice of the bride and groom.  The choices before used to be simple and limited.  The classic wedding cake was white and had multiple tiers with a bride and groom on the top.  However today there are many more style and choices.  The bride and groom may not want an all white cake for their wedding cake.  Today wedding cake designs show the personal taste and style of the wedding couple.  And often it fits the decor of the wedding reception.

Donít choose your wedding cake until after you have decided on your wedding gown, the bridesmaid dresses, the reception theme, and the colors of your wedding.  All of these things will have an effect on your wedding cake.  Sometimes coupleís fool themselves into thinking that their guests will only care about how the cake will taste and not the decorating and design of the cake.  Other than the brides beautiful dress and glowing face, nothing says wedding like a wonderfully well decorated and designed wedding cake.

Today wedding cakes and other types of cakes are more elaborate than they have ever have been.  You will need to follow the trend if you want people talking about your cake during and after the reception.  Wedding cakes are covered in so many new and different points of view to go with the trends.  Wedding cakes are covered in fondant lace, rolled fondant, butter cream, or in dark or white chocolate to create that perfect wedding cake.  You can customize your own cake flavor or flavors and fillings according to your taste.

Some couples decide to have a smaller wedding cake.  They serve it on sheets of cake baked for the occasion.  This can be great for couples who are on a tighter budget.  A huge cake can be way too expensive.  Another trend is to have smaller decorated cakes and place one on each of the tables for the guests.  They can all be the same or have different fillings so that guests can sample from table to table.  It seems to be a great way of interacting with your guests too.

You will want to take several things into consideration when choosing a wedding cake designer.  First you want to set up a budget of how much you can spend on a cake because finding the right price can take some time.  Ask your family member's or friends if they can recommend someone they have used before or if they know someone who decorates wedding cakes.  Wedding cakes are very personal.  Have a good idea what you want with a design in mind before you contact the wedding cake designer.

About the Author:

Denise Duncan has been involved in the wedding planning business for a number of years, and is an author and editor for My Wedding Information Website.

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