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PC Games Port To Amiga Games Port Adaptor For My WinUAE Projects.

This is a special adaptor cable for some of my WinUAE projects on AMINET.
For example the Analogue to Digital Converter project:-


It is NOT, repeat NOT, for general AMIGA Joystick use at all. It is
primarily a conversion cable for the above. Read the 'Legal Stuff' below.


15 Way ~D~ Type PC PLUG. 9 Way ~D~ Type Amiga PLUG.

------------------------ --------------------------

 15 Way ~D~ Type PC PLUG. 9 Way ~D~ Type Amiga PLUG.
 Pin 9. 5 Volt Supply. Pin 7.
 Pins 4 And 5. Ground. Pin 8.
 Pin 2. Button 1. Pin 6.
 Pin 7. Button 2. Pin 9.
 Pins 10 To 15 No Connection. Pins 1 To 5 No Connection.
 Fit A 10K Resistor From
 Pin 1 To Pin 3.
 Fit Another 10K Resistor
 From Pin 6 To Pin 8. 



Once this cable is made connect the 15 Way ~D~ Type Plug to the PC
analogue Games Port and run up ~Windows XX~ ~Games Controller~ software
from ~Control Panel~.

Just enable the 2 Axis, 2 Button Joystick mode and then ~calibrate~ the
cable by clicking on OK to all of the requesters that come up.

With CARE connect the A-D Converter to the 9 Way ~D~ Type Plug and rotate
the test variable resistor and watch the two ~red lights~ flash, this
will show that the board and the computer are talking to one another.

Exit the calibrate software and the PC is now ready to run the WinUAE
A-D Converter. Once this has been done there is NO need to do it again
on this partciular machine.

This adaptor cable means that the A-D Converter can have a genuine
AMIGA ~D~ Type SOCKET fitted and be used on a genuine AMIGA also.


There is a very simple project using this cable and an ultra simple piece
of home built hardware in the next issue of the mag.


USB To Analogue Games Port Converter.

The A-D Converter for WinUAE works with a commercial USB to Games Port
adaptor. This adaptor gives a PC with a USB port a fully functional PC
style 15 Way ~D~ Type socket, original, analogue games port.

The USB-Games Port Adaptor Is:-

Rockfire RM-203.



Supplier In The UK:-


Maplin Part Number. UA22Y




The Legal Stuff:-

These programs are Freeware and no profit will be made from them,
also all of the files must remain unaltered and intact including this
one. The author is not responsible for any damage to, or loss of, or
failure of equipment or data caused in any way by the use of these
programs. There is NO warranty with the use of these software releases



1) DISCONNECT any faulty equipment under test from the MAINS supply.
2) If a DC supply is used do NOT reverse polarity the connections.
3) Do NOT power up any electronic item until it is safe to do so.
4) CHECK and RECHECK all of your construction and repair work thoroughly.
5) Handle ALL tools used with care.
6) Beware of ALL types of solvents, glues and etching fluids.
7) NEVER leave a soldering iron switched on unattended.
8) KEEP everything OUT of the reach of small children.
9) Switch OFF the AMIGA before disconnecting or connecting any hardware.
10) And finally read 1) to 9) again.



Mr Barry Walker, G0LCU.

Email:- wisecracker@tesco.net
URL:- http://homepages.tesco.net/wisecracker/G0LCU.HTM

Author of the ~TestGear?~ projects in the ~hard/hack~ drawer of AMINET.


A very useful HardWare related site, (C) Anthony Hoffman, for
modifications, schematics, repairs and the like is:-




RIYAN Productions