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Amiga Roundtable

Amiga Roundtable Podcast


"Amiga Roundtable is the Amiga Communityís version of This Week in Tech, and the flagship show of AmiZed Studios. A panel of Amiga users that discuss the current events of the Amiga community in a moderated format. Highlighting the important issues as well as bringing some of the fluff as well. You canít expect to have your meat and potatoes without some dessert now can you?

Your hosts are Rich Lawrence, Sean Fitzgerald and Mike Blackburn. All are Amiga enthusiasts and love the platform and all itís incarnations."


I heard about the Amiga Roundtable Podcast on the Amiga news websites, so I thought I`d give it a listen.

Now I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about listening to these guys, because if they were anything like the forums on certain websites, then I would be listening to a lot of biased opinions and one side slagging off the other (Which is the main reason I don't read those forums anymore) But I found Rich, Sean and Mike to be informative, level headed, passionate and realists about their favourite computer platform. It was really refreshing to hear what Amiga users thought about the current situation, and to hear they had the same hopes and frustrations that a lot of Amiga users feel today.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the Podcast was the interviews. Bill from DiscreetFX, Robert Williams and especially Eric W. Schwartz were all very informative and great to listen to.

So keep up the great show boys, I for one will be downloading it regularly.

Steve Evans

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