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Wubi Ubuntu Linux installer

By Steve Evans


I wanted to try Ubuntu Linux on my PC but I didn`t want to partition my hard drive.

Now there is a simple way to do this with Wubi.

Wubi allows you to install Ubuntu as a Windows program, with no partitioning of your hard drive.

When you want to remove it just uninstall Wubi in the "Control Panel".

So how easy is it to install? ..... very easy.

Choose a user name and password. Select the environment you want to try.

Click install, that's all there is to it.

Wubi will then download the latest ISO image, which can take a while.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection.

When you reboot it will give you the option of booting into Windows or Ubuntu.

My installation of Ubuntu then automatically updated itself.

One interesting point to note was that I could still access all my documents/files/films Etc

on the C: drive via the "Host" button on the desktop.

When I finished this trial I wanted to see what the uninstall was like, so I uninstalled Wubi

in the "Control Panel" in Windows. It asks if you want to backup your documents/settings

to a drawer on C: then when that was done I restarted the PC and was happy to see the boot option

was also removed by the uninstall. So I would highly recommend you try Wubi if you want a taste

of Ubuntu but don't want to mess about with partitioning your hard drive.

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