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Santa Lights

(Approx.  14.63 or $17.91)


Get your house in the Christmas spirit with what else but these festive little Santa Christmas lights.
Forget the standard multi-coloured bulbs or the ordinary old fairy lights strung up in a tree…get back to Christmas roots with a bit of a shrine to Santa Claus himself. After all, he's done a reasonable amount of work over the years now hasn't he?

These adorable mini Santa lights will bring a festive air to any home this Christmas…we know who'll have the best decorated house on the block this year with a glowing string of 20 Santas for all to see!

You might even say these little glowing beacons will guide Santa and his reindeer in the right direction this year – just don't forget his warm milk (or beer) and cookies! Oh, and carrots for his reindeer of course.

Santa Lights
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