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5 Little Known Mistakes 99% Of Men Make With Women

By Solace Swanson

It’s come to my attention that there seems to be 5 different things that men never seem to *get* about women, unfortunately every single one of these mistakes is holding men back and I’m quite sure there is at least one or two of them stopping you from having incredible success attracting women.

1.  Women Want YOU to lead

Women don’t want a man that constantly says “you decide”, “I don’t know” and “whatever, you choose”, they reek of being a little boy who can’t make up his mind rather than a real man and giving her a response like this will really turn her off.  If she asks something such as “where shall we go for diner”, simply pick an option that you would like to do.  If she opposes and wants to go somewhere else she will tell you.  She asked you the question so it’s up to you to make the decision, telling her “you choose” will only frustrate her greatly.

2.  Women want you to be Sexual

Now don’t get me wrong, women don’t want you to walk up to them and immediately start acting like a sex crazed maniac, but they do want you to open up SOMETIME.  Unfortunately most guys never realize this and assume that if they are friendly for long enough something sexual will *just happen*.  The truth is it doesn’t *just happen* unless you make it happen (remember women want to be lead).  Usually if you’ve met a women out clubbing/through friends and have spent over 20 hours with her and you haven’t yet kissed, your going to be a friend forever (of course this doesn’t apply if you work/study with her).  Generally it’s best to start flirting with a girl as soon as you’re even slightly comfortable around each other (after knowing each others names).  This sets the tone of the interaction immediately and lets her know that you are a sexual guy who she could possibly date, not another guy to be placed into the “just friends” category.

3.  Women love a guy who’s hard to get

It’s true that often the busier and more unavailable you are, the more time she’ll want to spend with you.  If your constantly available, always ringing her and hanging around her like a bad smell she will get sick of you very quickly.  On the flip side, at least at the beginning of dating you will need to be the one to call her, as women will never call a guy within the first month or two of dating unless she’s very desperate.  Calling her on average twice a week and meeting up once a week is usually best and gives her a chance to miss you without forgetting about you completely.

4.  Women don’t want to be put on a pedestal

You may be thinking “Oh I would never do that”, unfortunately you probably do to some extent.  If you’ve ever bought a women a drink, flowers, chocolates, taken her out to a lavish dinner in order to get her to like you (as in you weren’t in a relationship yet and she’s not in love with you, your doing these things to get her to like you more).  Then you’re putting her on a pedestal.  Yes you can do these things for her once your in a relationship and she’s already in love with you, but never do them when your still dating and your trying to get her attracted to you.  This just screams out “Hey I Don’t deserve a women of your beauty, but I’m willing to bribe you with expensive things to make up for that”.

5.  Women want someone who makes them laugh

If there’s anything you take away from this article, make it this.  Women want a guy who can make them laugh, if you can do that for them you’re 75% of the way there.  If you can make them laugh you can screw up with every other area and still get her attracted, and if you can make her laugh as well as remember these other 4 areas, your set to attract any women you desire.

And that’s it, remember these 5 key areas and your golden, you’ll be miles ahead of 99% of guys out there and finally be able to attract and date that beautiful girl you’ve been spying on for the past few months.


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